Consumption of antiepileptic medications in the outpatient practice

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To study the changes in the consumption of antiepileptic drugs in adult outpatients with epilepsy in the Krasnoyarsk Territory over 4 years.

Material and methods

We used ATC/DDD methodology to study the consumption of antiepileptic medications in 2011-2014.


The highest consumption was found for valproic acid (319.48-273.77/1000). It was lower for benzobarbital (221.05-153.14/1000), carbamazepine (95.88-87.18/1000), topiramate (43.13-48.06/1000). The highest growth in consumption over 4 years was shown for levetiracetam and lacosamide.


Educational seminars for physicians caring for epileptic patients are required to reduce the consumption of antiepileptic drugs with unfavourable safety profile.

Key words

Epilepsy, antiepileptic drugs, expenditure, АТС/DDD methodology, pharmacoepidemiology.