Comparative study of inosine pranobex and standard treatment in patients with frequent and prolonged respiratory viral infections

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To compare long-term efficacy and safety of inosin pranobex and standard treatment in adult patients with a history of frequent and prolonged respiratory and/or herpetic viral infections.

Material and methods

Aprospective, randomized, openlabel, observational study was conducted by 103 physicians in the 19 Russian cities. We recruited 1047 patients with an exacerbation of recurrent respiratory and/or respiratory viral infections. They were randomised into two groups and were treated with inosin pranobex or standard therapy.


Signs and symptoms of viral infections improved significantly in both groups. At day 85, the incidence of relapses in the inosin pranobex group was 2.6-fold lower than in the control group. Inosin pranobex had favorable safety profile. The incidence of side effects was very low in both groups (0.4% and 0.7%, respectively).


Inosin pranobex reduces the risk of recurrenceofrespiratoryviralandherpetic infections and improves well-being of patients.

Key words

Respiratory viral infections, herpetic infections, inosin pranobex.