Gradingscalesforevaluationofcombined aesthetictreatmentwithbotulinum toxin type A and hyaluronic fillers

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Currently, the aesthetic medicine starts to be more evidence based. Therefore, physicians require validated scales for objective evaluation of treatment outcomes.


To evaluate feasibility of the Physician and Patient satisfaction scores (PhSS and PSS), and the Definitive graduated score (DGS) for evaluation of the global satisfaction with the results of aesthetic treatment.

Material and methods

We recruited patients with different types of ageing, both mimic and volumetric. The level of satisfaction was evaluated after treatment using PSS, PhSS and DGS. Total DGS score is the sum of PSS and PhSS scores.


Six patients (four females at the age of 33 to 46 years and two males at the age of 39 and 58 years) were enrolled in a pilot study. All patients were treated with hyaluronic fillers and four patients received injections of botulinum toxin type A at the average dose of 100 units per treatment. According to the DGS score, the results of treatment were very good in 4 patients and good in 2 patients. In all patients DGS score was 10 points or higher.


The DGS is a useful instrument to evaluate the results of aesthetical treatment.

Key words

Fillers, abobotulinum toxin, Dysport, aesthetic medicine, scales.