Point prevalence survey of antimicrobial utilization in Russian multi-field hospitals

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We present the results of Global Point Prevalence Survey of Antimicrobial Consumption and Resistance (GLO BAL-PPS) project conducted in 7 multi-field hospitals in different cities of Russia from February to April 2015.

Material and methods

We studied the case records of patients who received the following antimicrobial agents for the treatment or prevention of infections: all antibacterial medications; antifungal, antituberculous and antimalarian agents; antimicrobials agents for the treatment of gastrointestinal infections; nitroimidazoles; neuraminidase inhibitors. We evaluated the local practices of antimicrobials administration and quality indicators that were defined in GLOBAL-PPS study.


The common mistakes requiring a prompt intervention included extended duration of surgical prophylaxis, III generation cephalosporins overuse for prophylaxis and treatment, absence of the indications for antimicrobial therapy and stop/review dates in the medical records, low adherence to local guidelines and low frequency of treatment based on microbiological data.


Our data provide the basis for the development of appropriate antimicrobial stewardship programs tailored according to local practices for each multi-field hospital in the project.

Key words

ntimicrobials, pharmacoepidemiological stu dy.