Development and validation of methodology for estimation of antimicrobial consumption in hospitalized children

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To develоp and to validate a methodology for assessment of systemic antimicrobials (AM) consumption in hospitalized children.

Material and methods

We developed adjusted pediatric DDDs (pDDD) for patients aged 1 month to 12 years using the conventional ATC/DDD system. The new methodology was validated in comparison with the standard ATC/DDD system as well as the actual levels of systemic AM consumption in pediatric ENT and surgery units of Smolensk Regional Clinical Hospital in 2010.


Total AM consumption levels in pediatric ENT and surgery units were 29.3 and 30.4 DDDs/100 bed-days, respectively, for the standard ATC/DDD system, 30.7 and 48.7 pDDDs/100 bed-days for the developed pediatric system, 31.5 and 51.2 PDDs/100 bed-days for actual consumption assessed by review of medical records.


pDDD based methodology is more precise then generally accepted ATC/DDD methodology for estimation of AM consumption in hospitalized children as the latter showed distinct trend for underestimation of consumption levels.

Key words

Consumption, antimicrobial agents, children, АТС/DDD methodology.