Isolatedatrialamyloidosis- current state

Amyloidosis is a group of diseases characterized by the deposition of fibrillar glycoprotein in different tissues and organs. Systemic amyloidosis frequently involves the heart. However, myocardial disease can be isolated. Early diagnosis of amyloidosis is essential given the poor prognosis in patients with clinically significant heart involvement. Cardiac amyloidosis should be confirmed histologically by myocardial biopsy. Modern non-invasive methods include echocardiography, MRI with late gadolinium enhancement and radionuclide methods. In patients with amyloidosis, monoclonal immunoglobulines should be determined in serum and urine. Patients with cardiac amyloidos should receive treatment for heart failure and therapy aimed at suppression of synthesis of precursors of amyloid. The authors review isolated atrial amyloidosis.

Key words

Аmyloidosis, isolated atrial amyloidosis, diagnosis.