Prescription of potentially inappropriate medications defined by STOPP /START criteria as a fall risk factor in the elderly patients with polypharmacy

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To evaluate the prevalence of STOPP-listed potentially inappropriate medicines (PIMs) in the elderly patients treated in the cardiology department and their association with avoidable adverse drug events, i.e. drug-related falls.

Material and methods

We studied 966 case records. The patients’ data was divided into 2 groups with and without a history of drug-related falls during current hospitalization. PIMs were evaluated using STOPP/START criteria.


On average the patients were prescribed 8.95± 2.44 medications. 862 PIMs were identified in the medication records, the usage of which should be avoided in the elderly patients. The use of STOPP criteria was very effective for identification of medicints, potetiating te risk of falls.


The results of our study indicated a frequent prescription of PIMs to the elderly patients, which increase the risk of adverse drug events, in particular, drug-related falls.

Key words

Polypharmacy, potentially inappropriate medications, older patients, falls, drug-related falls, adverse drug events, STOPP/START criteria.