The prevalence of the polymorphic marker rs2244613 of the CES1 gene associated with a lower risk of bleeding in patients using dabigatran in Russians and in the three ethnic groups of the Republic of Dagestan

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To study theо the prevalance of the polymorphinc market of the gene CES1 (rs2244613) in the three ethnic groups of the Republic of Dagestan (Avars, Dargins, laks) in comparison with Russians.


Among Russian genotype AA by rs224613 was found in 70 (51.5%) volunteers, AC – in 55 (40.4%), CC – in 11 (8.1%), among Avars-in 34 (37,8%), 43 (47,8%) and 13 (14.4%), respectively, among darginians-u 18 (36,0%), 24 (48,0%) and 8 (16,0%), among laktsev-have 24 (52,1%), 17 (37,0%) and 5 (10.9%)ahhh! The frequency of minor allele C in darginians (40.0%) and Avars (38.3%), but not laktsev (29.3%) was significantly higher than in Russians (28.3%; p<0.05). In all four groups, the allele C frequency was higher than that of Europeoids taking part in the RE-LY study (18.1%, p<0.05). The darginians and Avars had it higher than the Italians included in the study by S. Dimatteo et al. (22.3%, p<0.05).


The obtained results can be useful for the development of approaches to the optimization of pharmacotherapy with dabigatran in order to reduce the risk of hemorrhagic complications.

Key words

CES1,ethnic groups, pharmacogenetics, Russians,Avars, Dargins, Laks.