Diagnostic significance of serum calprotectin in adult-onset Still's disease

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To evaluate the diagnostic significance of serum calprotectin (SC) in patients with adult-onset Still’s disease (AOSD).

Material and methods

The level of SC was determined in 48 (29 women and 19 men, average age 32.8±12.5 years) patients with AOSD who meet the classification criteria of Yamaguchi and al.


The level of SC was increased in 87.5% of patients with AOSD and statistically significantly correlated with non-specific prameters, including serum ferritin, C-reactive protein, blood leukocytes count, ESR, and systemic count. However, the clinical classification criteria of AOSD, including rash, serositis, splenomegaly, hepatomegaly or hepatic impairment, sore throat, did not depend on the level of SC.


The results of our study suggest that SC cannot be regarded as a specific serological marker of AOSD.

Key words

Adult-onset Still’s disease, serum calprotectin, C-reactive protein, ESR.