Aceclofenac in combination with tolperizone in a patient with the initial stages of the knee osteoarthritis.

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The article discusses the validity and the effectiveness of a combination of aceclofenac topically and orally, NSAID with a predominantly selective action, and tolperizone orally, a centrally acting muscle relaxant, for the treatment of patient with the initial stages of osteoarthritis of the hip joints (grade I-II according to the Kellgren-Lawrence classification). We evaluated the impact of conservative regimen without hyaluronic acid derivatives and corticosteroids on the functional status of the affected joints at 2 weeks. The patient presented with a history of adverse drug reactions to the most common NSAIDs, that is, topical dermatitis during application of ibuprofen ointment and moderately severe bronchial obstruction with oral administration of diclophenac. Combination of acelophenac and tolperizone resulted in improvement of all clinical and laboratory parameters in the patient with an arthritic component of the disease.

Key words

Osteoarthritis, knee joint, aceclofenac, Aertal, tolperisone, Mydocalm