Efficacy and safety of parenteral and topical chondroitin sulfate (Mucosat) in patients with knee osteoartrhitis.

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To evaluate the efficacy and safety of parenteral and topical chondroitin sulfate (CS) in knee osteoarthritis (OA).

Material and methods

A comparative prospective clinical study included 50 patients (34 women, mean age 59.5±6.9 years) with knee OA (II radiographic stage). All patients were treated with CS intramuscularly (2 ml every other day; a total of 25 injections). Patients from the 1st group (n=25) received also applications of 5% CS ointment 2-3 times a day, whereas in patients from the 2nd group (n=25) 5% CS ointment was initially administered as ultrafonophoresis for 3 weeks. We evaluated changes in joint pain, quality of life and joint function using WOMAC, Leken, KOOS and EQ-5D questionnaires over 60 days.


Joint pain improved significantly in both groups of patients. Treatment with parenteral and topical CS resulted also in improvement of joint function (WOMAC, Leken, and KOOS subscales) and the quality of life (EQ-5D questionnaire) and reduced the need in NSAIDs. The use of ultraphonophoresis of CS ointment was associated with a faster and more pronounced clinical effect.


Simultaneous administration of intramuscular CS with ultraphonophoresis of 5% CS ointment followed by its topical application improves the efficacy of treatment of knee OA.

Key words

Knee osteoarthritis, chondroitin sulfate, SYSADOA, Mucosat